The music she plays is called “progressive storytelling Pop/Rock”, which means her songtexts have got no repetitions. It’s like the plot of a story. The progressive composition remembers on Tenacious D, while the melancholy in her melodies and voice remembers on the first years of Neil Young. Pia Peru sings in English and French.

In 2011 the young student first started writing songs with the piano. In summer 2013, Pia Peru learned playing the guitar and collected the members of her first acousticband with another guitar and cajón. Since this summer,  Timo El Khawaga leads with the guitar, while Pia Peru accompanies with her stage piano, guitar and percussion, as well as she sings and acts.

 In January 2014, Pia Peru played in a short film about her story as musician for a movie competition. Three months later, she shot her first musicvideo "March" in corporation with Cyndi Caviedes. Currently, Pia Peru is acting in a big spot for WIRmachenDRUCK, for what she composed and recorded the music. Pia Peru has also a songcollection of her projects on a self made EP.

In collaboration with Fabian Simon (aka 2flash), she released a short film in November 2017, called „City at Midnight“ and is dedicated to her hometown Stuttgart.


Pia Peru (Singer/Songwriter)

Pia Peru is a young musician and composer from Stuttgart, Germany. 

In January 2014 she started with an Acoustic Project PIA PERU, where she became a regional musician. The most significant about this project is its genre: Progressive Storytelling, in which the story takes the leading part.

In september 2014, she created the project MOTHERBEAST. The idea was to combine filmmusic with psychedelic Rock and Punk. The project recorded an album "Return of the Stone Giants" that was released in september 2015. Link to the album:

In december 2014, she founded with a friend the recordlabel BLUE PARASOL RECORDS. Their first release will be "Return of the Stone Giants" by her project Motherbeast. For more information go to:

In december 2016, she and Marvin Schaber founded a new project called NO ROYALS. With the release of the first music video in January 2018, there‘s going to be an EP with 5 songs in february.

Die Gangband is a side project with Marcel Mach and Pascal Pace.